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The Justice League goes Medieval for fantasy-fueled Tom Taylor series

cover of Dark Knights of Steel #1
(Image credit: DC)

Writer Tom Taylor is bringing Marvel Comics to The Dark Ages, and now over at DC he and artist Yasmine Putri are taking the Justice League medieval in a fantasy-fueled limited series titled Dark Knights of Steel.

Set in a world of knights, wizards, monarchs, and castles, Dark Knights of Steel will turn the fantasy-fueled trappings of its setting on their heads when Superman's Kryptonian craft lands in the medieval setting rather than the modern era.

In keeping with the tradition of DC's classic Elseworlds imprint which showed alternate takes on popular DC heroes, Dark Knights of Steel will also incorporate appropriately themed versions of Batman, Harley Quinn, Black Lightning, and more.

cover of Dark Knights of Steel #1  (Image credit: DC)

Taylor has made a career of writing alt-realities and out of continuity stories including his breakout run on DC's Injustice as well as the publisher's zombie-fueled DCeased. As mentioned, he's writing another alt-reality story for Marvel Comics titled Dark Ages, which, despite the title which evokes a medieval theme, actually shows a version of the Marvel Universe where technology and electronics are suddenly rendered inert.

"I've spent the last two years creating a new epic fantasy universe for DC Comics, and Dark Knights of Steel is an absolute dream come true," Taylor tells EW, who announced Dark Knights of Steel, and who have an exclusive gallery of interior pages and character designs from the title. 

"Despite being the writer of the DC horror series, DCeased, I'm actually a huge fantasy fan. Combining two of my favorite things, DC superheroes, and high fantasy, is my absolute happy place," Taylor continues. "I grew up reading Lord of the Rings alongside Superman. Terry Pratchett alongside Garth Ennis. Robin Hobb and Mark Waid. Dragonlance and Justice League. Now I get to bring all this together with the incredible Yasmine Putri, in the biggest story I could imagine. A tale of war and love, of despair and hope, of betrayal and improbable alliances forged in battle."

EW does not report when the 12-issue Dark Knights of Steel limited series begins. Stay tuned to Newsarama for DC's full November 2021 solicitations coming later this month.

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