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The Gunk is a new adventure from the creators of the SteamWorld franchise

(Image credit: Thunderful)

Thunderful Publishing has announced The Gunk, a new adventure coming to Xbox Series as an Xbox exclusive. 

The Gunk was officially revealed with a debut trailer during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase. Developed in Unity from Thunderful's Image & Form team, the trailer shows off the all-new adventure set in a big, exotic world filled with challenging puzzles and not so friendly looking enemies. Oh, and... gunk. As you venture through this strange new setting, you'll try to unravel the many mysteries of this forgotten planet and try to save it.

In The Gunk, two space haulers venture to an untouched planet in a bid to gather alien plants and other useful resources, but as they start to explore more of this strange new setting, they uncover the world is cursed by a corruptive gunk parasite threatening the planet. As you can see in the trailer, there's big pools of goo covering the surface, and it looks like it can be sucked right up with some kind of gadget. 

Most known for its SteamWorld series that follows the adventures of steam-driven robots, Thunderful recently published the hand-drawn deckbuilding RPG from SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech with the Image & Form Games team. 

Set to come to Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass, no release date has been revealed just yet.  

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