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The Fight: Lights Out event jabs us with updated gameplay impressions, Danny Trejo

On a San Francisco evening that also featured an eagerly anticipated World Series Game 1 and a Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary invite-only mixer, Sony bravely held an event of its own to promote the upcoming Move brawler, The Fight: Lights Out. At the aptly titled Mighty club in Potrero Hill, Sony hosted press and special guests for an evening of hands-on time with the game – and yeah, the World Series was shown as well. Sony’s not stupid. Also on hand was Danny Trejo, fresh off his roles in Machete and Fallout: New Vegas, to talk about his involvement in the game.

Above: Danny Trejo is 8,000 times more badass than you will ever be

In the 30 minutes I spent with The Fight, the much touted 1:1 responsiveness was as impressive as many of the better-rated Move launch titles. Yet the game still adheres to the same principles of every decent motion-controlled fighting game that has come before it. Panic-induced flailing will not get you far and knowing all the available moves is key. Players also need to mindfully take advantage of both controllers and the PlayStation Eye. For example, ducking with just your upper body does not always make your character drop down; it is only when you move the two controllers downward along with your body that the fighter actually ducks reliably. Hey, wait – that sounds a lot like exercise.

Above: And he looks way cooler playing with the Move than you do

And in fact, it is. And that may turn out to be the most important aspect of The Fight: Lights Out – if you want to get the most out of it, you’re literally going to have to [ahem] move up off the couch. Will gamers go for it? We’ll wait until the final version before passing judgment, but if any game can make it worthwhile to work out instead of vegging out, it’s one that makes us feel like we could go toe to toe with Danny Trejo.

Oct 28, 2010