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The evolution of Final Fantasy summons

As summoned in: 3, 4 (2US), 5, 6 (3US), 7, 8, 9, 10, 3DS, 4DS, 13

Signature attack: Diamond Dust

Sultry Shiva may only tangentially resemble the Hindu deity for whom she’s named, but we’ll let it slide. Final Fantasy’s bluest babe been hooking us up with the Diamond Dust for nearly two decades now. Thanks to GRAPHICS her appearance has become sexier over the years, as you can see in this video compilation of her summon animations. Watch through to the end to see her latest incarnation in Final Fantasy XIII, as seductive twins who form a magic borg-cycle when they scissor. Added convenience: heaving tits opportunely located on gas tank. Get on it, Kawasaki.

As summoned in: 6 (3US), 7, 8, 13

Signature attack: Judgment

Alexander is the Tower of Babel come to life to smite your enemies with his Divine Judgment. His devastating attack reduces foes to a cinder, nevermind that it sounds like a camera flash when it’s charging up. You’ll get the chance to see the lumbering colossus rebooted in HD for Final Fantasy XIII as a ride-able wall.