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The bloodiest games you've never played

Remember arcades? Of course you don’t! On one hand, we feel sorry for the younger generations who grew up without such dimly lit havens, spending untold hours playing After Burner and Street Fighter II. And on the other, we’re glad you never had to deal with the light gun aisle of shame, usually led by the shocking grotesque Chiller.

Above: Mom, listen. I really need 50 cents

The idea was, of course, to shoot everything that moves. Or didn’t move, because it was bound to a guillotine or torture rack. Blasting chunks of flesh off the prisoners netted you points, but the real score came from nailing a set number of monsters on the screen. When you were done, it looked like this:

Above: Take the time to compare this shot to the other

Chiller was short, fairly easy and far too graphic to be placed in a Wal-Mart vestibule, so it was condemned to a crap-ass (and unlicensed) NES port way late in the game. We were going to embed the YouTube video, but it’s horribly boring. So horrible… it’s scary. Like Halloween.