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The 22 most amazing toys at Comic-con

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Snake ver Zero (con exclusive) from Square Enix Play Arts
There’s a regular version of this hefty figure as well, but his gear is differently colored. Both rock, but I like this one's color scheme a bit more.

Muppets Reporter Kermit replica from EFX
Life-sized, baby. Granted, you may not be as enthusiastic about the Muppets as your humble author, but you don’t have to be in order to appreciate the craftsmanship on display here.

Star Wars Shogun Warrior Stormtrooper by Super 7
I try to be the mild-mannered one here at GamesRadar (which, admittedly, is like being the alcoholic who drunk-drives the shortest distance to get home, but whatever) but I had a full-blown nerdgasm when I first saw this 24-inch masterpiece. The original Shogun Warriors toys were my hands-down faves as a kid, and I obviously loved Star Wars, so this combines two of my most treasured childhood passions.

Charity Custom Stormtrooper Helmet from EFX
This one is going to take a little explaining. Awhile back, EFX asked 20 (I believe) artists to design their own unique stormtrooper helmet, which would then be auctioned off for charity. This is one of those helmets. It looks like ornately carved wood and has baroque-faceted, reflective eye lenses. It’s one-of-a-kind, fresh art layered over classic design, and absolutely gorgeous.

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