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The 22 most amazing toys at Comic-con

Yoda to Rebel Attack Shuttle Transformer from Kenner
Though I dislike most of the Star Wars/Transformers crossover toys, this one is special. You can’t see it well in this shot, but if I zoom in…


Designers Edition Black Voltron (con exclusive) from Toynami
One of two con-only Voltrons this year, the other being a metallic take on the existing color patterns. It’s striking and imposing and there are only 300 in existence.

Venusian insects by Dr Grordbort
This doesn’t bend my “no statues” rule so much as shatter it. These are a highly personal choice, but if you grew up dreaming about distant planets and alien life and all those things as I did, there’s something very appealing about spending $400 a pop for pretend bugs to hang on the wall. Grordbort also has some incredible steampunk ray guns if you’re having trouble carrying around all your money.

Halo Reach figures from Square Enix Play Arts
We did a wholearticleon these bad boys already, but it’s worth mentioning again – these are hot. Note that the plain gray figs are just not painted yet. The final versions will be.

Flashdance Barbie from Mattel

Let’s do the math. Barbie is a squeaky-clean franchise recommended for ages 3 and up. Flashdance is an R-rated film in which nearly every female character is a stripper. Now, grab a dictionary, look up “irony” and (if you can find it) "what message are we sending our daughters, exactly?" andtell me Flashdance Barbie isn’t awesome.

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