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Tetris board game shows up at London Toy Fair

Love Tetris, but hate the hassle of having to find a game system and/or running electricity? Thanks to toy maker Ideal, you can enjoy Alexey Pajitnov's classic puzzler in the comfort of your own Luddite colony with the new board game, Tetris Link!

Created for kids with limited access or permission to play the electronic version (seriously), Tetris Link was revealed at the latest Toy Fair in London and operates much like Connect 4. In it, players much race to create linkages of 3 squares, while simultaneously blocking their friends from doing the same.

Considering Tetris is now available on every conceivable gaming platform, Tetris Link feels a few decades late to the party. True, this is designed for a younger audience who might not be allowed to play said platforms, but we all remember how well Milton Bradley's 1989 Tetris board game filled that market gap, right? No? Exactly.

Jan 27, 2011

[Source: PocketLint]

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