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TalkRadar Clip o' the Week: Cartoon Theme Song Quiz!

Seriously, we know you’re busy people! We also know a lot of you reading GamesRadar haven’t ever listened toour filthy, stupid podcast: TalkRadar. We understand your trepidation. They're too long, podcasts are boring, etc… Well, here’s a bite-sized clip we humbly ask that you try super-quick like! It may not be what you were expecting

Above: And the winner is... Your childhood!

Children of the 80s and 90s: Prepare your hearts for maximum nostalgic impact! We asked our listeners what cartoon shows from their childhood they’d like to see made into a modern quality game, a laTransformers: War for Cybertron. Then, inTalkRadar 108, we took those answers and turned it into the life-affirming Cartoon Theme Song Mega Quizdown! How many classic themes of yesteryear can you guess?

Above: Thanks to Batman5273 for the answer ruinging art.Click hereif you'd like to save it as a wallpaper

Jul 15, 2010

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