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TalkRadar 95 - TALKSEDER!

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Ever wondered why you just can't stop playing?

New screens, vids and impressions of Nintendo's spacey sequel

100 Retro iPhone Wallpapers
Fill your smartphone screen with a salute to classic games

Are the new maps worth 1200 MS points? Hell no.

Or, Google Translate: The Game

Since we’re talking about the addictive quality of games this week,we wanted to know what game drove you to rise above the pursuits of the average player and kick the everlovin’ crap out of it? No need to be ashamed -we’ve all done it.

In the office

Behold GamesRadar's fist annual Passover: TALKSEDER!

Above: Mikel's wife, Diana, whipped us up a decadent Passover feast

Above: Elijah's spread, once again, went unfinished. Oh well, maybe next year

Above: Kneel before theinedible [Talk]Seder Plate!

Above: Brett was more than happy to become a temporary member of the Yarmukza

Above: In the Passover spirit ofperservering through hardship, Tyler and Chris share a microphone

In the community

Above: Mechamorbo's fan art inspired this week's festivities

Above: Aeshir had some fun at the expense of Paleontology

Above: batman5273 must've donesome digging to find a rare, beardless shot of Mikel just to show TDAR's newest character to the world

Above: DrRock brought us to life in glorious colored pencil!

Above: graboids combines two old jokes to make a new one

Above: WOW! hatebreeder outdid himself with this piece depicting a fight between the Norwegian King of Names and a certain Ape

Post date: April 02,2010
T-Dar95 length: 2:08:24
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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