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Super Nintendo World has finally opened its doors and Shigeru Miyamoto dropped by to celebrate

Super Nintendo World Osaka opening day, Miyamoto celebration
(Image credit: Universal Studios Japan / Nintendo)

After several false starts, Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan has finally opened its doors to the public - just in time for Mario’s 35th anniversary. 

To commemorate the long-awaited day, Shigeru Miyamoto - or Mario’s dad, as he's also known - showed up alongside Universal Studios Japan CEO Jean-Louis Bonnier as part of an opening ceremony. Thanks to IGN Japan for catching some of the opening events on camera.

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According to VGC, the video game icon told guests: “The day we’ve been looking forward to has finally arrived! It’s been six years since we started development, and it’s gone so fast. The world’s first real Super Mario world. We’re happy to be able to release it in time for the 35th anniversary.” Miyamoto also added that “once the pandemic subsides, I hope everyone around the world will come and visit us. We are waiting for you!”

Super Nintendo World’s opening day has felt like a long-time coming after the park was delayed several times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s clear that it was worth the wait though as this Super Nintendo World tour review shows that the park is full of interactive elements, tonnes of Mario-themed items, and lots of tasty-looking Mario food. 

Universal Studios Japan isn’t the only place receiving a Super Nintendo World however; Universal Studios Orlando is also in the process of building its own Mario theme park (however its opening day has been delayed until 2025), as is Universal Studios Hollywood, which is hard at work on a smaller version of the park.

Fans are also theorising that a Donkey Kong-themed area may be coming to the park one day soon due to hints found by data miners in the Universal Park app as well as a recognisable door found by guests who first entered the Osaka based park. 

If you just can’t wait to explore the park for yourself, check out most of Super Nintendo World in these 20 new videos.

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