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Street Fighter IV producer says series "ends" with SSFIV

Good news for SFIV fans, you won’t have to buy another version of the game. In an interview with Famitsu (via CVG), series producer Yoshinori Ono commented on whether or not we can expect to see further SFIV revisions:

Above: Remember kids, No means No!

"For me, the IV series ends with Super SFIV," he said. "We want both Super SFIVs to be played for a long time, so we'll listen to feedback after the arcade version is released to determine if players want the home version updated."

The arcade version of SSFIV has only recently arrived in Japan, and sports some gameplay tweaks in its eternal struggle for perfect gameplay balance. Ono’s comment bodes well for a potential home version patch in the future, though we’ll have to leave the validity of the Arcade version's gameplay tweaks to the pros at Shoryuken and Event Hubs. (Give Vegabetter wake up options!)

While Ono’s comments are aimed at the home versions, he may be forgetting that SFIV is coming to the 3DS in the near future. While it’s unlikely the 3DS version will feature any major changes, it will be interesting to see how they rebalance the game for a portable system, perhaps something like the iPhone version?

SSFIV came under some criticism for being a retail release when many argued the game could easily be patched to the current version via DLC. Either way, we liked SSFIV just fine, and we’re glad to see Capcom still trying to get the game as balanced as possible.

July 7, 2010

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