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Alanna Strange must save the day in Strange Adventures finale preview

Strange Adventures #12 excerpt
Strange Adventures #12 excerpt (Image credit: DC)

Following the shocking death of Adam Strange in Strange Adventures #11, Alanna Strange is stepping up to clean up his mess and save their daughter in October 12's Strange Adventures #12 - and Newsarama has the first look.

Strange Adventures by Tom King, Mitch Gerards, and Evan 'Doc' Shaner is about the adventures of space hero Adam Strange and his dual lives on Earth and the alien world of Rann. Best known as a war hero during the Rannian's struggle with Pykkt invaders, the series explores possible war crimes Adam could have committed - leading to a Justice League investigation led by Mister Terrific.

Check out this preview of Strange Adventures #12, featuring Alanna Strange and Mr. Terrific going to meet a new contingent of Pykkts who have the Strange's daughter:

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Strange Adventures #12

(Image credit: DC)

Strange Adventures #12 preview

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Strange Adventures #12

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Strange Adventures #12

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Over the course of the series, it's revealed that Adam Strange won the Rannian war against the Pykkts by making a covert deal with the invaders to spare the planet he came to love (Rann) in exchange for free reign to later conquer his homeworld (Earth) - something he later tried to explain the logic behind in a twisted view of nobility. As insurance that he wouldn't renege on the deal, Strange offered his and Alanna's child, Aleea, as collateral. To keep his sneaky and morally reprehensible deal secret, Adam lied to Alanna (and the universe) and told her Aleea had been killed.

Strange Adventures #12 main cover (Image credit: DC)

After years of secrecy, Mr. Terrific's investigation eventually blew his deadly pact wide open and resulted in a confrontation between Adam and Alanna in Strange Adventures #11 - a confrontation that led to Adam drawing his laser gun and a struggle over it that resulted in him being killed by his own weapon.

Now, Alanna has recruited Mr. Terrific to go with her and rescue her surprisingly alive daughter Aleea from a group of Pykkts stationed on Mars, preparing to invade Earth.

Strange Adventures #12 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

Although Adam Strange was considered the star going into Strange Adventures, over the course of the first 11 and the preview of the twelfth and final issue - Alanna has emerged as the book's true protagonist, as she falls in and later out of love with Adam Strange and uncovers his bloody secrets and presumably… hopefully… saves the day by the series' end.

Strange Adventures #12 (of 12) goes on sale on October 12. A Strange Adventures hardcover collection is scheduled for December 14.

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