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The Star Wars Battlefront beta gets an extra day for 'extreme' testing

Having too much fun with the Star Wars Battlefront beta? Good news, you've got even more Lucas-flavoured chaos to enjoy. EA has announced one more day for the beta for 'further technical testing' so it will run through to Tuesday the 13th.

While this means an additional 24 hours of Star Wars-osity, EA warns that extra tests will be coming into play which could cause some disruption. "These tests are to help us find some extreme scenarios, and that means some players may experience occasional issues such as being kicked from the game or losing connectivity. This is all being done in the name of shoring up our infrastructure before we launch on November 17th."

Extra time all in the name of making the game better? I'm all in. I want more moments like this one.

Have an, err, Luke here to see some of the best and worst moments from the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

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