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Split-screen co-op coming to Killzone 3

If diving into mayhem and shooting Helghast into oblivion is too much for you to handle alone, it looks like you'll be able to get some help when Killzone 3 makes its way to your PS3.

Offline, split-screen cooperative play has been confirmed for Killzone 3 in a recent 1up interview with the development studio's manager, Herman Hulst.

Hulst noted that immediately after Killzone 2 was released, he and his team realized how much more potential the PS3 processing power had to offer. They were able to double the amount of kick-ass action in Killzone 2 with a few tweaks, and voila, now it's possible to have two independent characters running around on the same screen at the same time.

The news only applies to offline play, and no one is saying whether or not there will be online co-op. It hasn't been confirmed, but it hasn't been denied either.

Nevertheless, adding co-op of any sort will be a huge injection into the series and assures that players will have something new and interesting to try out in the next installment.


Dec 14, 2010