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Spielberg hops it from Harvey

We're not sure whether to be pleased or sad about this one: Steven Spielberg has left the update of the 1950 giant rabbit movie Harvey after problems with the script and star.

It was always a difficult project, to be honest; James Stewart's mild-mannered Elwood P Dowd and his invisible bunny friend have gone down in cinema history. The film focuses on Dowd's family trying to convince him that his 6ft rabbit pal isn't real, while the gentle Dowd refuses to give up on his big-eared pal.

Spielberg, who'd been working on the new movie for six months, was already having problems filling the main role after usual go-to guy Tom Hanks refused to tread on Stewart's shoes and his next choice, Robert Downey Jr, also backed away (but not before offering advice on the script).

After lingering creative differences, Spielberg finally called it quits this week, no doubt rather ticking off 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks, who'd been hoping to start filming early next year.

It's too early to say what the director's next project will be - or, indeed, who'll take over Harvey . Could this be the end for the big bunny?

While we're not too thrilled about the classic flick being remade in the first place, we have to admit that if anybody was going to do it, Spielberg would have been a good choice - the story's gentle mix of comedy and heartfelt schmaltz being one of his fortes.

Now we're wondering who'll tackling the invisible furry Bugs next. Donnie Darko 's Richard Kelly, perhaps?

What do you think? Hollywood untouchable or ripe for new rabbit action? Sound off below!