Soulcalibur coming to XBLA

Namco Bandai announced thatit will be bringing Soulcalibur to Xbox Live Arcade for download. We're guessing it'll be available sometime before the July 29 release ofSoulcalibur IVso that the hype for the two games can feed off of each other. At least, that's what we would do.

Above: This is a screen from SCIV because - like we said - we haven't seen much from SC on XBLA

All we've seen is a screenshot of the word "Soulcalibur" and that's about it. There is no more information in this article. As for speculation, we suppose they'll add some Achievements for everyone to collect. We don't think they'll add any new fighters or stages. However, since we're just throwing out ideas here, let's say eight new playable characters and you will be able to fight in spacesuits on a ship falling into the sun. Also, one character will be a werewolf who fights best underwater.

Seriously, if you've played this game before you know why we're psyched to get to replay classic Soulcalibur on our 360s. If you've never played the original Soulcalibur, and you've got about $12.50 (another guess), keep an eye on what's available in your 360's arcade downloads - there's a reason they made so many Soulcalibur games.

April 16, 2008