Sony sheds light on PS3 UK launch

Friday 19 May 2006
Sony has confirmed that the 20GB version of PS3 is unlikely to be released in the UK and that the 60GB model will cost gamers around £425.

The news comes direct from Sony Computer Entertainment's UK boss, Ray Maguire, and verifies retailer claims made earlier in the week regarding Sony's plans for the UK launch of PS3 on 17 November.

"The lower end 20GB version of PlayStation 3 has no WiFi, no HDMI and none of the other slots in it, so it's really a question of where we would position it," Maguire told industry mag MCV. "It's more likely that we will only launch the 60GB version."

Maguire also revealed that - as retailers had predicted - the 60GB PS3 will most likely be available for £425, although the Sony boss did stress that the final price tag might change ahead of launch.