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How did this rapper predict Nintendo's Smash Bros. plans years in advance?

When Nintendo revealed that Cloud Strife would join Super Smash Bros. as a DLC character yesterday, the internet was stunned. Here was an ancient schoolyard myth come true, a decade and a half later, despite Final Fantasy 7 never appearing on a Nintendo platform. But one man saw it coming.

Whether geeky rapper Cashamill Animeboy foresaw the news in a prophetic vision, or read about it in a document that fell out from a crack in a Nintendo executive's briefcase, or just made a wild guess to rile up his followers, here's what he tweeted in June 2011:

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He sent that tweet the same day Wii U was officially announced, long before Nintendo had made any indication that the next Smash Bros. would appear on both Wii U and 3DS. And yet every word (aside from calling the Wii's successor Wii 2, which might have been a better idea from a brand awareness standpoint) turned out to be true.

Mr. Animeboy has spent most of the time since the Nintendo Direct retweeting the many Nintendo fans amazed by his prophecy, but he's still keeping quiet on how he made that call. Chances are it was just a really lucky guess amid a sea of Smash Bros. predictions. But if I had a working crystal ball I'd probably keep it on the down low, too.

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Connor Sheridan
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