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Skyship MMO Worlds Adrift is shutting down in July 2019

Worlds Adrift was an ambitious project, a physics based MMO set in a world of skyships and floating islands. Now that project is coming to an end, with creator Bossa Studios announcing the game will shut down in July. To mark the end of Worlds Adrift, there will be an End of the World event and all the in-game cosmetic items will be given to every player. 

Bossa released the above video, and penned an open letter to fans:

Worlds Adrift just hasn’t reached the level of popularity it needs to continue. The challenges that came with our ambitious project meant that all our work went into making the game work rather than making it the experience we wanted it to be. As a result we failed at making a game that could capture the imaginations of millions. Creating an MMO like Worlds Adrift is a huge financial commitment and unfortunately the game is just no longer commercially viable.

To provide a special experience in the game’s final months, all the cosmetic items in the in-game shop will be given out to every player. Additionally, Worlds Adrift Founder Captains will receive a free copy of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread as a thanks for joining this journey, and to give a glimpse into the kinds of experiences we’re looking to create going forward. Founder Captains’ names will also be immortalised on the game’s website, which will remain live as a tribute to the world we’ve built together.

Also players who bought the game or an item from the in-game store April 29th 2019 and today will be refunded. 

Bossa is currently at work on The Bradwell Conspiracy, a first-person puzzle adventure for Steam and Apple Arcade. 

Find out more about how Worlds Adrift creator Bossa Studios uses technology to expand creative possibilities with this in-depth feature. 

Rachel Weber

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