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SFX#200 Robots, Androids and AI's

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Who is your fave from a shortlist of 20 Robots, Androids and AI's ?

Robots, Androids and AI's

Welcome to another round in SFX ’s 200 Greatest SF and fantasy characters ever poll in celebration of SFX ’s 200th edition, coming up in August.

In part one of this poll SFX forumites posted hundreds and hundreds of suggestions for SF and fantasy's greatest characters. We have now gone through those lists and a) tallied up who was getting the most votes and b) split the nominees into 10 categories.

Now we’re letting you to vote in each of those categories. The latest category is Robots, Androids and AI's .

(Of course, some characters could fit in multiple categories, so we’ve had to make some arbitrary decisions here and there, but we’re running the poll, so live with it!)

We will start revealing the results from 16 August, in the lead up to isue 200 going on sale! Then, finally there will be an ultimate megapoll pitting all the winners of the various individual polls to find out who is the most popular character ever!

PLEASE NOTE: You are voting for the character as a whole, not individual incarnations or representations of that character. The images below are purely to stop the page from looking dull, they are not an indication that you are voting for a particular version of that character

Next poll up, on Thursday , will be Aliens.

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