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Scott Snyder affirms Death Metal - DC Future State connection

Image from David Finch's Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

DC made it clear in its December 2020 solicitations that Dark Nights: Death Metal leads directly into the next phase of the DC Universe, and now Death Metal writer Scott Snyder is being more even explicit with their connection. 

Snyder also confirmed the general premise of DC's upcoming Future State event, albeit it was pretty apparent from its title already. 

In an interview with Newsarama about the upcoming Death Metal #4, Snyder was asked how the event will affect the future of the DC Universe.

"It's hooked into everything," he responds. "We're building the DCU plan together with editors and other writers and artists. I'm really excited about it."

Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 cover (Image credit: DC)

"Death Metal ends in January, and then January and February is Future State, which is going to give glimpses of possible DC futures," he continues. "That was built while we were doing Death Metal to lead into some stuff which isn’t happening anymore, but those plans have taken a new shape, which is exciting."

As for "some stuff that isn't happening anymore," Snyder is likely referring to the original incarnation of the Generations event which as we've detailed previously here on Newsarama was originally going to be a monthly event from May through September that was going to be the be "the charge towards DC's future,"  the rumored '5G' initiative. 

Death Metal #7 - the series finale - goes on sale January 5, the same day as the Generations: Shattered #1 one-shot, which as Newsarama detailed is likely the first of bookend titles that leads into and then serves as a concluding chapter of the two-month Future State event.

"Death Metal is very tied into and hooks into everything happening on the other side—the whole DCU is working together, plus we have some surprises lined up later in the year," Snyder concludes. 

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