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Scarlett Johansson explains the Ghost in the Shell suit (spoiler: she likes it more than Black Widow's)

While the creators of the Ghost in the Shell movie are trying their best to stay authentic to the source material, there's one thing that had to change: in the original anime, the Major, now played by Scarlett Johansson, spends a lot of time more or less naked. Robot naked admittedly, but still: an issue. 

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“As soon as I saw [the anime], I was like, ‘Obviously I’m not naked. We’ve all agreed I’m not naked, right?’” Scarlett Johansson tells Total Film in this month's issue. As a result the Major now wears a tight fitting catsuit suit that mirrors the feel of the original look, without the obvious problems that would involve. 

And, on Johansson's catsuit rankings, the Ghost in the Shell outfit places higher than her Black Widow option. “This suit’s easier to wear and easier to fight in than Black Widow’s,” she says. “The Black Widow suit is a neoprene fabric, and at times it’s been leather – which was awful. This is a silicone-based material, so you could get shredded in it, but just your suit, not your actual body. I burned through a lot of them. It was like, ‘There’s another one!’”  

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