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Sable the movie could be a thing, thanks to new publisher deal

(Image credit: Shedworks)

Raw Fury - the publisher behind the gorgeous Sable, ghostly sci-fi The Signifier and Lovecraftian lark Call of The Sea - has signed a new deal that could see its game get movie and TV adaptations in the near future. 

It just revealed a "first-look arrangement" with dj2 Entertainment, the production company that was behind the recent live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie and is currently working on the Netflix Tomb Raider anime series. Basically, it dj2 can call shotgun on adapting anything from Raw Fury's weird and wonderful back catalog, from Bad North to Backbone. You have to root for that last one, it features a depressed detective raccoon.

"Entering into a partnership with dj2 feels like a perfect fit for Raw Fury. Their creativity and ability to take the core of each game and transform it into new art forms fit the Raw Fury vision and we are excited to work together and see what we will create," said Jónas Antonsson, CEO of Raw Fury.

Also on dj2 Entertainment's list of current projects are live-action television series adaptations of Life is Strange and Disco Elysium, a movie adaptation of Sleeping Dogs with Donnie Yen, and - checks notes - "a half-hour live-action dramedy thriller" based on the talking banana led shooter My Friend Pedro, with John Wick writer and creator, Derek Kolstad.

"Having access to Raw Fury’s incredible slate allows dj2 to begin developing adaptations even before a game is released, getting a jump on the market as well as allowing for more synergy between the different media," added dj2’s Founder & CEO Dmitri M. Johnson.

Looks like we might need to update our list of the upcoming video game movies for 2021 and beyond...

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