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Respawn's Vince Zampella teases battle royale game Apex Legends news for Monday

You'll want to keep one eye on Respawn's Twitch channel tomorrow, because after a weekend of wild rumors and leaks, the studio's Vince Zampella has promised all will be revealed about new battle royale game Apex Legends tomorrow morning.

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News first leaked after a number of influencers got to see the game last week, and according to a series of tweets the battle royale game is free-to-play, will feature three player teams in 60 player matches, heroes with unique abilities and will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. While it sounds like it's set in the Titanfall universe, it won't star any Titans. 

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You can see the reveal for yourself on the brand new Play Apex Twitch channel, which we've embedded below. The stream will start at 4pm in the UK, 11am ET and and 8am PT. 

We'll bring you all the news on Apex Legends as soon as we can. Until then, check out our picks of the best FPS games we've ever played. 

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