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Red Ring'd Xbox 360 gets turned into a PS3 fight stick

What happens when your Xbox 360suffers the inevitableRed Rings of Death and you're no longer covered by warranty? If you're anything like this modder, you could turn it into asuper slick arcade stickfor your (still functioning) PS3.

A modder who goes by "Morris" decided not to let his RROD fate get the best of him, and stripped out part of the Xbox in order to turn it into a working arcade stick.The coup de grace? The PlayStation button has been mapped to what used to be the Xbox 360's power button. Oh the irony...

Morris said the process of modding the Xbox case only took a few days, but the cost was considerable. He also said he would not be interested in modding anyone else's Red Ring'd console. The full slate of photos can be seen atKotaku.

Feb 28, 2011

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