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Red Machine gets the green light


David Hackl has been recruited to direct Jack Reher’s script, The Red Machine.

The movie follows two estranged brothers on a camping trip who find themselves up against a giant grizzly that has lost all fear of humans.

Production designer on Saw III, Saw IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera and director of Saw V, Hackl has been neck deep in blood and gore for much of the last decade, which should give you an idea of the direction The Red Machine will take.

The last cinematic duo to tackle a bear were Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkinsin The Edge way back in 1997. So by the law of rotating movie monsters (Shark, shark, shark, crocodile, lion, bear), we're due another one, though someone seems to have skipped the lions...

Does Red Machine bear up? Or can't bear to see it?

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