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Real life Mirror's Edge parkour video somehow doesn't include death

If, like me, you can't get to the kettle in the morning without tripping over something then this real life Mirror's Edge Catalyst parkour video will continue to make you feel like an inadequate human being. This was shot on a headworn GoPro by freerunner Claudiu Voicu in Croydon in London of all places.

"With this one I wanted to keep it as close to the game as possible – mimicking the ziplines, helicopters and locations as closely as the budget permitted (£ almost zero and a couple of Nandos meals)," says Voicu in a blog post. "The E3 announcement trailer didn’t give too many clues as to what the new game would feature, but I did try to include some of the combat elements. "

Real Life Mirror's Edge from claudiu voicu on Vimeo.

Voicu has been free running since 2002 so obviously don't try this at home and maybe don't try it in Croydon. "The biggest challenge with this project was to not have a single ‘cut’ during the full run, as obviously in the game you can’t just skip out certain parts of the map (as boring as they may be)," explains Voicu. "Luckily I live near a fairly hated town called Croydon, which features a few nice, Mirror’s Edge-esque buildings. The buildings we shot the majority of the video around are due for renovation/destruction quite soon so we thought we’d make the most of them."

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Louise Blain
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