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Random Lost Star Says Something Vague About Season Six Finale

"It’s going to be dramatic,” he revealed. "Hours and hours of television with things happening. On screen. With actors whose mouths move, and a big slowly-spinning Lost graphic at the start, some running and palm trees. It's crazy."

Pressed on the finale he remained tight lipped. "It's coming at the end of the series,” Munchausen tantalises, "and it'll be like a big climax, with plotlines coming to a head and everything. Some stuff you will like. Some stuff you won't. Some people will like more stuff than other people; other people won't like stuff as much; and some people won't give a stuff. But, you gotta believe me - some stuff happens. And some doesn't. And some might never. Because they'll never make more. Unless they do."

Munchausen also reveals that he has it on good authority from a source that Heroes is in no danger of being cancelled. We suspect that source might is Greg Grunberg… on any website that'll listen.