Rainbow Six: Vegas announced

Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six: Vegas, a new episode in the terrorist-bashing series set for release on next-gen consoles later in the year.

Beyond the title, Ubisoft has confirmed no further details, although it'd be safe to assume that the title indicates a focus on counter-terrorist action in the heart of Las Vegas - which is a big step away from the globe-spanning missions in previous games.

Ominously, Rainbow Six: Lockdown - the last game in the series - was shoddy and wholly uninspired on PS2 and Xbox, with none of the high-strategy emphasis of the early Rainbow Six titles.

But Ubisoft is also launching the excellent Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter this year; hopefully they can bring the same quality to Rainbow Six: Vegas and make it more than just a tarted-up outing for the Team Rainbow operatives.