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Rafe Spall talks The World's End

Rafe Spall recently chatted to Total Film about his upcoming romcom (or com-rom, if you will), I Give It A Year - look out for the full feature later this week - and during the interview, he confirmed that he would be appearing in Edgar Wright's The World's End .

A veteran of Wright's Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Spall appeared in brief roles in Shaun Of The Dead (as Shaun's co-worker) and Hot Fuzz (as Paddy Considine's co-copper).

When we asked if he'd be back to round out the trio, he told us, "Yeah, only for the sake of being in it.

"I pop up just because there’s a few of us that have been in all of them, and those guys wanted to get my big stupid head in it somewhere.

"So, I did half a day with the brilliant Alice Lowe, of Sightseers fame. So it was great, great to be associated with those people.”

I Give It A Year
opens on 8 February 2013, and The World's End opens later in the year.