Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary [import] review

And we forgot to buy them a card


  • Simple
  • yet challenging puzzles
  • Characters with different special moves
  • Multiplayer is a blast


  • Tough to navigate modes
  • Puzzles are meh
  • Using friend codes to play with 7 others

Sega Team’s Japanese-only 15th anniversary party piece contains the best bits of Puyo Pop Fever and its Japanese-only sequel, plus some brand new elements including the much-wanted Wi-Fi.

The deceptively simple-looking puzzle game consists of dropping colored blobs down the screen to create matching groups of four. This seems easy enough, until you realize you don't really want to make a group straightaway - you want to set yourself up to create complicated cascading chains that make you look as cool as ice. Fortunately there's a comprehensive tutorial to teach you.

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DescriptionSega's Japan-only puzzler offers some of the best bits of the series.