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Pokemon Black & White - two new Pokemon leaked, plus another officially revealed

This week we'veseen three new Pokemon revealed, one officially and two others via separate leaks. The most recent leak is an image from a demo in Japan that shows a bird Pokemon named Hatoopoo, which totally has to be an evolved form of the previously revealed Mamepato:

Next up, a new Pokemon called Koromori was revealed in an image from Oha Suta on Monday, but now we have the video from that episode that shows him in action. Like a few of the other Pokemon officially revealed through Oha Suta videos, we've still only seen hissprite from the back,so westill don't know what he actually looks like from the front.

Lastly, we have an accidental reveal of a new Pokemon via a posting on the Japanese official Pokemon Daisuki Club that was quickly taken down. The existence of this art also makes it seem like aprevious leakof images from the new Bandai toy line was legit.

Above: The new one is the one that looks like Larvitar. It's rumored that his name is Kibago

Surely with allthese semi-reveals this week, we'll havemore concrete info on the new Pokemon surfacing this weekend or early next week, so make sure to tune in toPokemon Mondaywhere we're surely overanalyze the crap out of every detail.

Jul 9, 2010

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