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Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Petilil, Lilligant

#054 Unova / #548 National
Species classification:Bulb Pokemon
Own Tempo – Prevents confusion
Chlorophyll – Speed doubles during sunny weather
Dream World abilities: Leaf Guard – Prevents status ailments during sunny weather
Location found:
Nacrene City (NPC woman in the duplex directly east of the Pokemon Center will trade yourCottonee for herPetilil or vice versa depending on which version of the game you have)
White:Pinwheel Forest
Wild hold items: None
Egg groups: Plant
Capture rate: 190
Gender ratio: 100% female
Effort values: 1 Special Attack
Evolution family:Petilil >Lilligantvia Sun Stone

PetililandLilligant have the distinction of being the only pure Grass types that are always female.Lilligant isalso the only non-Bug-type Pokemon that can learn Butterfly Dance, which raises special attack and speed, complementing her stats nicely. LikeWhimsicott, it's worth thinking about a combination of status and offensivemoves for Lilligant. Sleep Powder is always a good option, especially since putting your enemy to sleepcan help give you time to boost your stats with Butterfly Dance.

Life is nature's way of keeping meat fresh.