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Payday 2 essentials guide and walkthrough

Rats, Day 3

After all the possibilities of the previous day, the final job is simple: kill everyone and escape.

For the simple approach, just run down to the Mendoza members and blast them all away (yeah, stealth can't happen here). Once they're all dead, return to your escape point to finish the job.

However, it is possible to leave with additional money. In the same place where you find the Mendoza members are bags of cash armed with C4. If you got the information from the safe the previous day, you can disarm this C4 and get away with the cash. Otherwise, the cash will be destroyed in short time.

With cash in hand, be prepared for a police onslaught. There are no strong defense points along the bridge, so pick a place to dig in and lay out your Doctor and Ammo Bags. With some luck and determination, you can deliver the cash to a pickup helicopter before making your own escape.

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