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Oscars 2021 could be postponed according to a new report

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The delays aren’t just affecting some of our favourite movies. Next year’s Oscars are now reportedly at risk of being postponed.

“It’s likely they’ll be postponed,” a source told industry trade Variety of the 93rd Academy Awards, currently set for February 28, 2021. That same source also indicated that talks about a new date have not yet been formally tabled, so there may be some hope yet of the Oscars 2021 still hitting its original date.

A postponement, though, wouldn’t be the worst thing for the movie industry. With several big hitters retreating to 2021 instead of their once-scheduled 2020 release date, it gives the industry a wider window to potentially get more movies considered by the Academy. Because at this rate, the likes of Birds of Prey and the Sonic the Hedgehog movie are technically frontrunners in a schedule bereft of new films. It’s worth noting, though, that the traditional cut-off point for Oscars consideration of December 31, 2020 still remains.

But a potential new Oscars 2021 air date isn’t the only big change on the horizon. The Academy has also introduced new rule changes. That includes rolling two sound categories into one holistic award for Best Sound, while movies that intended to release in theaters but were forced to go on-demand (such as… uhh, Scoob) can now be considered for Oscars nominations when previously that wasn’t the case.

News of a possible Oscars 2021 shift follows on from the wave of coronavirus delays that have swept the industry, including San Diego Comic-Con being cancelled and replaced by a digital event. For now, the movie industry’s great monolith remains intact – but plans may yet change.

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