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No messing. FIFA 11 is totally going to redefine player authenticity

EA has released the first details for FIFA 11. The buzzword this time around is 'player authenticity', which EA is promising to reinvent with the help of an all new and undoubtedly miraculous system called 'Personality+'.

Above: Arsenal's Arshavin looking authentic in the PS3 version of FIFA 11

What's it do? It only uses a mega-database of player stats for every player to make the pretend players be even more like the real players that they're supposed to be.

This is how the FIFA 11's executive producer, Kaz Makita, is talking it up: "Personality+ is the evolution of individual distinctiveness that sees a footballer's abilities on the pitch mirrored authentically in our game, creating individual personalities in FIFA 11."

So Kaka will be a passing wizard, Iniesta a master of close control and Wayne Rooney will be unsurpassable when it comes to eloquently telling the referee to f*ck off. I doubt the last one will be a feature, but if EA is aiming for authentic, a potty-mouthed Rooney is surely a key ingredient.

Above: Rooney in the 360 version. Probably thinking about telling someone to f*ck off

Oh, and thanks to a new Pro Passing system, the elegant art of ball transference is also going to be better and more authentic.

FIFA 11 will be released on every console that is relevant (that *still* includes PS2) later this year.

And talking of football, let’s not forget that the WORLD CUP STARTS TOMORROW. Anyone got predictions for the ENGLAND USA game? I've got money on it being 1-1 with lots of probing but not much penetration at either end.

June 10, 2010

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