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Ninja Theory's next project is F2P mobile game Fightback

Ninja Theory revealed its latest action-packed project this week. After a tour on PS3 and Xbox 360 with Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory is going mobile with Fightback.

The free-to-play game borrows an '80s action movie aesthetic to complement its touch-based melee combat and gunplay. Fightback is being published by EA-owned Chillingo.

"Mobile and tablet gaming is a phenomenon that we just couldn’t ignore as a studio and we’re very proud to be working with one of the industry’s heavyweights on bringing Fightback to market," Ninja Theory Product Manager Dominic Matthews said in a statement. "Ninja Theory has always strived for the highest production values and that absolutely remains the case in this exciting new space."

Fightback will hit iOS and Android this summer.