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Xbox Series X logo might not be "final imagery" according to Microsoft

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson has told GamesRadar that the Xbox Series X logo trademark is "not indicative of final imagery". 

When asked whether the Xbox Series X logo that recently surfaced was a legitimate filing by Microsoft, the company responded:  “As we develop new products and services, we periodically file trademarks that may contribute to their future. That said, trademark filings are not indicative of final imagery. We have nothing further at this time.”

This seems to confirm that Microsoft did indeed file a new Xbox Series X logo trademark, but it might not be the one we see adorning game cases come the console's launch.  

Original: Microsoft has trademarked a new logo for the Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), giving us an unofficial new look at the company's next-gen marketing campaign for its upcoming successor to the Xbox One, which is due to launch this Holiday season. 

As discovered on Reddit (opens in new tab), the trademark for "Series X" was filed (opens in new tab) with Justia Trademarks on April 16 last week. The trademark contains a full image of the new logo alongside a description of what it'll be used for, which is mainly merchandising. The lawyer that filed the trademark has handled several Microsoft- and Xbox-related logos in the past, so while Xbox has yet to reveal the logo itself, it's clearly no coincidence. 

While we can't be sure how exactly Microsoft intends to use this new logo, or indeed if it'll use it at all, our guess is that this more condensed imagery will be used on game boxes, trailers, and posters to confirm a title is available on the Xbox Series X platform, alongside other consoles. We may also see variations of this logo for other consoles in the Xbox family, according to ongoing rumors that Microsoft has an alternative next-gen entry point in the works. 

With rumours that either Sony or Microsoft is planning to hold a major reveal event within the next few weeks, the registration of this logo could also be taken as evidence that the latter is about to rollout its full marketing campaign for the Series X, which would have likely started at the time of the now cancelled E3 2020 expo. 

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