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New Uncharted 3 gameplay video and details are so hot they'll singe your eyebrows

New "brawl" combat moves, incredible dynamic environments, and a top-notch story of intrigue. And that's just the beginning.

Sony unveiled some fresh gameplay footage and a mountain of details on the third installment of Nathan Drake's unendingly exciting life. In Uncharted 3, you'll be on the search for clues that take you to a lost Arabian desert. It's being called "The Atlantis of the Sands."

You'll start off in the boondocks of France when you realize you're not alone. Dun dun dun! Yeah, you'll find yourself running away from uncontrollable fires, bad guys who looks like they're beefed up on steroids, and, of course, nonstop gunfire. But enough talk. Let's take a look at the action:

Sounds like an Uncharted game, for sure. But this time you've got a whole lot more at your disposal. You'll be able to kill your enemies like never before. "Brawl style" combat lets you stealthily jump down on thugs from up above, catching them off-guard and then jabbing them to a pulp - or using your gun to finish him off.

Oh, did we mention you get to swing from chandeliers too? Yep. Pretty sweet. In fact, you'll be able to do a whole lot with the environment. As Sony puts it, you're not running around a "static jungle gym" but rather a living, breathing world that interacts with your every move. Take a wrong step and you could spell your own demise, even if there are no enemies around.

In other words, this is more than just a hyper realistic action game, and it's more than an interactive story. It's more like a hyper-action, realistic interactive story-game. Or something like that. Developer Naughty Dog is bringing some big guns to the table, literally, to make this game not just a step, but a leap, above where Uncharted 2 was. And Uncharted 2, with a average review score of 96.4%, was already a pretty damn good game.

Above: As usual, Drake always seems to be standing on something about to collapse,so he's frequentlyleft hanging inches from a gruesome death.

The new installment doesn't come out until November of 2011, which gives everyone plenty of time to dish out more details like this and hype the wazoo out of the game all throughout next year. So stay tuned for that.

[Source:PlayStation Blog]

Dec 17, 2010