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New Spore title is apparently an action RPG

Spore was an ambitious title to say the least. Its goal was to create a videogame where you go from lowly protozoa to all powerful ruler of the universe in the span of an afternoon. We love Spore and all of the creativity it provides (and all of the Sporn as well), but we’ll admit it didn’t deliver all parts of the lifecycle in equal measures. But the description of a Spore-themed panel at Comic-Con seems to indicate that keeping focus may not be a problem for the next entry in the Spore franchise – it’s an action RPG.

Above: Commander Shepard ain’t got nothing on this

It could be “Dark Spore,” a recent trademark from EA, or it could be something else altogether. What we do know is that a “Sci-Fi Action RPG” will be revealed at this year’s Comic-Con, and that some key members of the dev team will be there to show it off. According to the announcement, the newest title will be based on “The DNA of Spore” which likely means you won’t have any problems importing your favorite creations into this new adventure. While we can’t be sure that a Spore RPG is actually a good idea, we have to admit we’re intrigued.

Above: Oh hell yes!

Jul 12, 2010

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