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New MGS: Peace Walker video hits interwebs

The Japanese are famous for %26ldquo;Engrish%26rdquo;, comically redefining our language in new and amusing ways. But where his countrymen stumble into hilarity quite at random, Metal Gear series godfather Hideo Kojima sneaks up behind the Oxford English Dictionary and slits its throat. Metal Gear games redefined "Solid" to mean "Best Thing Ever," "Subsistence" to "We're really sorry about Raiden%26rdquo;. And if this new multiplayer trailer is any indication, "Peace Walker" translates as "Giving enemies helicopter-powered wedgies with a friend." Which is exactly how we like it.


- The co-op "Super Bright Screaming-Noise-Making Invisibility Beam" reassures us that Kojima couldn't give a rat's ass about reality as long as the gameplay's fun. The laser might light up like the fourth of July and sound like a tortured band-saw, but keep it aimed correctly and the guards don't notice a thing.

- The new cardboard box can kill people. (So if you skipped the video, we know for a fact you're going back to click it now.)

- Naked Snake has stolen weapons from the Ghostbusters, with the "Electromagnetic Wave Gun" crossing the streams to flatten enemy troops. It may also reverse protons.


- As usual the trailer clearly doesn't represent real gameplay. The graphics are fine, but that co-op partner knows what he's doing! That's never happened in the history of multiplayer stealth missions. Where's the asshole we always get teamed with, who thinks he's Rambo, running into enemy troops waving an AK47 and expecting you to save him when he starts World War Three single-handed?

Mar 18, 2010