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Need for Speed Payback Derelict location guide: How to find all the Derelicts in Need for Speed Payback

4. Chevrolet C10

The final two derelicts come from the other two driving disciplines – you’ll get the clue for a Chevrolet C10 on finishing Big Sister’s drag missions. Head east and find the shell on the side of the road.

Going for the engine you’ll want to head north, to the outer edge of the game map.

As you may be able to guess by now, it’s a case of heading off on a dirt track away from the marked roads and taking a jump to where the part is located.

You’ll want to look for a side dirt road and a jump – who knew? – near to a speed challenge. Hit the jump, pick up the part.

Go way out west and you’ll be able to find yourself your accessories for the C10. There’s a surprise with this one, though...

Said surprise is you don’t have to jump to reach this part – shock! No, instead you’ll just barge through the fence at the side of the road and find your part nearby.

Fourth and finally for the C10, you’ll be heading right to the middle again for your wheels.

This one should be very simple – there’s little else around in the area, so just look out for the smoke, find the nearby ramp and the last part is yours.

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