Need for Speed Payback Derelict location guide: How to find all the Derelicts in Need for Speed Payback

5. VW Beetle

The last of the derelicts is sure to be the favourite of many – the classic VW Beetle. Your chassis clue comes on completing the Underground Soldier’s drift missions. Naturally. Head to the western region and you’ll find your chassis just off from an intersection – look for the fire, it’s hard to miss.

Now onto the parts – engine first, you’ll want to go... well, up the road a tiny bit, as it’s really close to the chassis.

As almost-always, it involves going off-road and hitting a jump – this time the jump is a bit bigger than usual, so pick up as much speed as you can before hitting it.

The Beetle’s body parts mean a journey to the east once more, for yet another look at the lovely bridge.

You’ll want to generally head downhill until you find your jump, which is rather cunningly followed by a second jump – something unexpected! Land the second one and you’ll get the part.

Your Beetle is almost finished, but you’ll need to go back to the central region one last time in order to pick up the accessories part.

Look for this particular abandoned barn with a ramp right next to it, line yourself up, take the jump and bag the part.

Last of all you’ll want to get the wheels for your Beetle, which means one final trip to the north of the game world and its lovely red dirt.

It’s a straightforward one – this time the road you need to use to hit the ramp is marked on the map, so look for the road that ends about a jump’s distance away from the marker. Drive, jump, pick up the part, the Love Bug is yours.

And that’s all of the Need For Speed Payback derelicts in the garage – enjoy upgrading them and making them the absolute best vehicles in the game. Especially the Beetle, because Beetles are cool.

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