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Need for Speed Payback Derelict location guide: How to find all the Derelicts in Need for Speed Payback

3. Chevrolet Bel Air

The next derelict unfortunately isn’t referencing the Fresh Prince, but is still a lovely little number – and you’ll get your first postcard clue on finishing Jess‘s set of runner missions. The chassis itself is in the southeast, right in the city.

Head to the northeast again, where you’ll be able to find your Bel Air engine.

After heading off-road, look for a jump across to where the part is located – it’s worth mentioning doing this in an Audi makes it a little bit harder than it has to be...

For your body parts you’ll want to head to the southwest:

Keep an eye out for the following jump, just off the main road, and you’ll land at your part.

Back to the east and that lovely massive bridge for the Bel Air’s accessories:

Once again you’re looking out for a jump, which handily stands out in the orange-brown dirt roads. There’s some winding canyon roads to drive down before you get here, so again – Audi was a bad choice.

Head back to the central region for your final Bel Air part, the wheels – just to the southwest of the airfield.

And, once again, you’ll be keeping your eyes peeled for the ramp that stands out a mile off – or one point six kilometres, if you’ve got the game set to metric. And that’s your Bel Air.

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