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Need for Speed Payback Derelict location guide: How to find all the Derelicts in Need for Speed Payback

2. Nissan 240Z

Next up is this classic little rusty Nissan number, the first clue for which is revealed when you complete Mac’s fourth story mission. It’s just by the side of the road, near a mobile home.

With the parts revealed you’ll want to head for the engine, which is next to the solar plant – you’ve just been there as Mac, so it should be easy to find.

A straightforward jump, and there you go – one engine.

Next up, your body parts – you’ll be heading to northern outskirts for this one:

To get to the actual part, it’s another jump – as said, they’re mostly jumps – approaching from the northwest.

Third, we go for the accessories, and we’ll be heading to the centre, south of your main airfield garage.

It is, as you might expect, a jump to the part from another unpaved road – look for the very obvious ramp.

Your final Nissan part is located in the north east, where there’s a lovely giant bridge. You don’t want to aim for the actual bridge, mind.

Approaching the target area you’ll see a jump off the side of the road – you do of course want to take this jump, and you’ll land at your final 240Z part.

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