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Moon movie gets SCUMM-ified

The crossover between those who still geek out to SCUMM games and those who recently tripped out to Duncan Jones' sci-fi movie Moon is bound to be slim. For the rare few who do fall in the middle, however, this fan art from Danish artist Mads Johansen might be the most fantastic thing you see all Tuesday.

Confused? Rent the movie. Without spoiling all the “holy crap, no way!” bits, Moon stars Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, the sole resident of a lunar mining base who starts questioning his sanity after happening upon his own dead body. Kevin Spacey lends his voice to GERTY, Bell's one and only robotic companion which may or may not be programmed to do more than make breakfast and tell jokes.

The make-believe screenshot was posted to Johansen's sketchblog, wherein he admitted his soft spot for SCUMM-based gaming and Jones' film, writing, “If I played this game back in ´91, I think my brain would literally blow up. It just started with me wanting to do some nice SCUMM fan-art, but the further I got with this, the more I felt that the narrative of this particular flick would fit awesomely with the whole point'n'clicky thing.”

Yes, Johansen, yes it would. As an unapologetic nerd for all things point 'n' clicky, Moon and David Bowie (father of the aforementioned director), an actual Moon game made in this fashion would be a triad of awesome. Any takers?

[Source: Mads Johansen's Blog]

Mar 22, 2011

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