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Minecraft passes 4 million sales on Xbox Live Arcade

Minecraft is digging deep into Xbox Live's user base, as the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game surpassed 4 million sales since its May release. 4J Studios, the developer responsible for porting Mojang's PC survival simulation to XBLA, tweeted the milestone yesterday.

The game was reported in August to sell 17,000 copies per day on Xbox. Four million sales is an enviable achievement for any independent developer, but XBLA is only one of several platforms the game has found success on, including the most recent addition of Kindle Fire.

Platform diversity does not mean PC, Minecraft's original home, is being left in the dust. The Pretty Scary update is scheduled to go live around Halloween with new mobs, new blocks, and less bugs. Prepaid gift cards for the game are also now available at several U.S. retailers.

Not bad for what began as one Swede's placing-blocks-and-digging-holes simulator.

Connor Sheridan
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