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Mega Man collectible coming in Loot Crate's November 'Battle' crate

If you don't know what Lootcrate is, Sophia already wrote a Cool Stuff! article about it. Go check it out. This month, the monthly geek-goodie box will include some exclusive items from awesome Capcom franchises like Mega Man and Street Fighter. The secret contents are still being kept under lock and key, but we got a sneak peak. To get you drooling, Loot Crate has provided a little teaser of one of the items:

Yup, that's all we get. It looks like it's the Blue Bomber's helmet, but is it a full-size helmet you can wear yourself? Is it a collectible Mega Man figure? Is it a sticker? There's only one way to find out... Well two ways. You can wait until we get ours or subscribe to Loot Crate (just click the link). If you do it before November 19 at 9pm PST, you'll get the Battle themed crate. Also, if you use the code "GAMESRADAR" at checkout, you'll get $3 off your first crate.

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