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Meet the gamer who plays Overwatch with his feet

Totally Game
(Image credit: Future)

Tucker Griggs is the latest star of Totally Game, as a player who can destroy you on Overwatch with his feet.

Griggs, a 23-year-old from Tulare, has a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, which means he was born without muscles in his arms. This is why he uses his feet to play Blizzard’s popular shooter.

Not only is he able to play just using his feet, he’s also a Master ranked player, which puts him within the top 5% of Overwatch players. 

The streamer, whose Twitch channel is called ‘FragsByTheFoot’, tells Totally Game: “I use my feet for everything I do, whether it's cooking, cleaning or playing video games. I'm as fast as somebody using their fingers and to my knowledge, I'm the only Masters player who plays with their feet.”

Tucker’s mum tells Totally Game the positive impact that gaming has had for him: “Learning to play video games levelled the playing field. Some of his friends played baseball, some of his friends played football, but when they came to the house they could all play video games.”

His love of gaming saw him pick up Overwatch over 3 years ago, and this led him to streaming the game around two years ago. However, his shooter skills aren’t the only thing that people ask to see from Tucker. He says: “One of the most requested things for my stream is actually a cooking stream. It's always a shock to people that I can actually cook.”

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